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InterCom International Communication Services Inc.

1036 Budapest, Fényes Adolf street 23., 1st floor

Phone: (361) 467 1400
Fax: (361) 467 4242

InterCom: The number one to put you through to visual entertainment

Since its foundation in 1989, InterCom not only has established itself as the largest film, video and DVD distributor and cinema exhibitor in Hungary but much much more. It has grown to be the flagship of visual entertainment in the country, a market-leading innovator of the movie business, pioneering modern film and video distribution in the Hungarian market. The company has also become the driving force behind the boom of 21st century.s new generation cinemas and was the first to introduce multiplex theaters to Hungarian audiences, being one of the most successful multiplex operators to date.
InterCom's activities cover both traditional and revolutionary fields of visual culture, exploiting the possibilities and searching for new roads at the same time, sustaining and renewing the century-old tradition of cinema.

InterCom is a private limited company, operating solely in Hungary, led by a five-member board of directors.

InterCom's mission is to offer top quality entertainment for audiences in an innovative way

The company's philosophy is straightforward and we take it seriously. Our expert staff works hard to bring you the best in entertainment at high value and quality. To achieve this, there is no "mission impossible" for us. We have already proven it during InterCom's 16 years of existence and we are always ready to step on.

The "secret" to InterCom's success can be traced back to several factors and it is hard to decide which has been the core ingredient: the products themselves (that is the hugely popular Hollywood movies), the professional marketing & sales know-how from the partner studios, or its successful adaptation to local audiences. Or it may well be the company's staff of dedicated professionals, which has been grown steadily during the years and which has managed to keep up the creativity, innovative agility, strive for quality and the very special approach that are now simply known as .the InterCom spirit..

InterCom is the exclusive Hungarian distributor of the movies of many Hollywood studios, including new theatrical releases from Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures, as well as DVD titles from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Sony Pictures and Buena Vista Home Entertainment. Additionally, the company cooperates with a number of independent studios from the US and Europe (Summit, Spyglass, Seven Arts, Alliance Atlantis, Europa Corp. and others) and it has long been a steadfast supporter of Hungarian filmmakers and movies, helping them make it to the big screen worldwide (to name but a few of the recent successes: Fateless (Sorstalanság) by director Lajos Koltai or István Szabó.s latest works, Being Julia, Taking Sides and Sunshine).

InterCom is a board member of the major professional film and video distribution bodies, the Association of Film Distributors and the Association of Hungarian Video Distributors. The company plays a key role in shaping the future of the entertainment market, fighting piracy, balancing and protecting the interests of those who make their living out of the film business. At the same time we actively seek the possibilities to support and sponsor various professional film events, festivals and nonprofit publications.

InterCom was founded by Andrew G. Vajna, one of Hollywood's most influential independent producers. He has produced over 50 main features so far, including such worldwide box office hits as the Rambo series, Angelheart, Terminator 2 - Judgment Day, DieHard With A Vengeance, Judge Dredd, Evita and Terminator 3- Rise of the machines, undoubtedly the most anticipated blockbuster of 2003. He has also contributed to several Hungarian productions or projects of Hungarian relevance including Out Of Order (A miniszter félrelép), An American Rhapsody and Children of Glory (Szabadság, szerelem). It is a story against the dramatic backdrop of the 1956 revolution and it was released on the 50th Anniversary of the Revolution on the 23rd of October in 2006.